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The individual law firm of Lawyer Cătinean Iulia Tudora in Cluj-Napoca was established by Decision No. 82/14.02.1996 of the Cluj Bar and operates in accordance with Law No. 51/1995 regarding the legal profession, the Statute of the Legal Profession and the Deontological Code of the Romanian Lawyer.



    The owner of the individual law firm is Ms. Lawyer Iulia Tudora Cătinean, licensed in law since 1991, graduate of the Faculty of Law at "Babeș-Bolyai" University in Cluj-Napoca, member of the Cluj Bar since 1991.

    Ms. Lawyer Iulia Tudora Cătinean is a qualified lawyer and can submit conclusions to the Court of First Instance, Tribunal, Court of Appeal, High Court of Cassation and Justice, with over 30 years of experience in the field of law.

    We provide high-quality legal services based on extensive professional experience in the legal field. We offer promptness, seriousness and careful analysis of your case to identify the legal solutions necessary for the effective defense of your rights and legitimate interests.

    We use Romanian, English and French in our communication with you, depending on your requests.

Legal Services

The titular lawyer conducts activities according to their own competencies, including:

  • Legal consultancy for individuals and legal entities

  • Assistance and representation of individual and legal entity clients in court proceedings and before arbitral tribunals

  • Assistance and representation of clients before notaries public, judicial executors, public administration bodies and institutions, as well as other legal entities

  • Defense of clients' rights and legitimate interests in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any Romanian or foreign individuals.

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Payment Method


Attorney fees are freely established between the lawyer and the client, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 51/1995 and the Statute of the Legal Profession. These may include:

  • Hourly fees

  • Fixed (flat) fees

  • Success fees

  • Fees formed by combining the above criteria


Mobil: +40 722 424 979

Fax: +40 0264 591 676

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